Sunday, November 13, 2011

Schedule and Sight Seeing

Boys and girls, we are hoping you fly in on Thursday because that night we are going to hit the town for bachelor/bachelorette parties. Plans TBD, suggestions accepted! Perhaps meet up at LAX at the Luxor (the big pyramid), right next door to Mandalay Bay as the last stop of the night. Also, this site has package deals which would eliminate transportation worries as well as hopefully eliminate some of the I'm-just-trying-to-get-into-a-club-without-paying-a-million-dollars-or-waiting-all-night-to-get-in- drama that I have been reading about... specializing in bachelor and bachelorette nights. Ideally if we go this route I would like both the guys and girls packages to end up at the same night club :)

David and I will be scheduling a photo shoot in the afternoon at the Neon Sign Boneyard. Also, we will be setting up a 'rehersal' dinner for the wedding party and immediate family. Guests can use this day to visit some other fun places!

The wedding! 4:00PM!

Neon Sign Boneyard
Where the old Vegas neon signs go to die. This is where we are going for a photo shoot, but the museum is also open to the public, with reservation for a guided tour (with $15 donation) 10am Mon-Sat.

Fremont Street
Also vintage neon signs, but these have been refurbished and put into one location in all their neon light glory! This would be a great place to take pictures with lots of classic Vegas lights! The tunnel is also totally made of lights and features animation of different scenes. Located about 8 miles from Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Pawn Stars
Only about 5 miles down Las Vegas Blvd from Mandalay Bay, taking a trip there would be a great way to see the whole Las Vegas strip (Mandalay Bay is at one end near the airport, and Gold & Silver Pawn is at the other end of the strip).

Minus 5 Ice Lounge
In the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the only 100% ice lounge in the US- founded by the same guy who made one in Europe. Was recently featured on the travel channel as a must-visit place in Las Vegas. You get fitted into a parka before entering, and they also recommend staying in the bar for only 30-40 mins due to the extreme temperature (and due to their being no bathrooms inside). Most drinks are vodka based with high quality juices, and the cups are made of ice of the purest spring water from New Zealand.

 Carnival World Buffet
Largest all-you-can-eat-buffet in Las Vegas. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, also featured on the travel channel recently. 3 miles south of Mandalay Bay, off of W Flamingo Rd.

Just some interesting highlights I have found so far. Of course there are tons of casinos, restaurants, and night clubs, but I will let you all search those yourselves! Check back to see where we decide for our bachelor/bachelorette parties!

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