Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hotel Group Code- Booking your room at Mandalay

Hi everybody! Lovin this 70 degree weather! This is what is should feel like in Vegas in March! :)

Got the group code for booking your standard 550DR room at Mandalay Bay.

But please let me know when you are ready to book your rooms with this code so that I can track how many people use it, and call to increase the quantity if necessary. I have 10 rooms blocked off through February 15, 2012, and also need to verify with them the list of guests using the code by that date. It would also help a lot to let me know if you DON'T plan on booking a room at Mandalay. I will try to get out invitations as soon as I can, but feel free to e-mail me with your RSVP ahead of time! kady.heck@navy.mil or kadidical@verizon.net

So the dates and rates using the code are as follows:
3/15/12- $160
3/16/12- $200
3/17/12- $200
3/18/12- $160

I did an experiment and it doesn't look like the code works when booking through the Mandalay Bay website. I have contacted them as far as fixing that, and noticed they did mention the option of allowing guests to book online and they would set up a special link for me... so I will update this page with that link when I get it!!!

Did another experiment just through the regular booking site above (without code working) and here are some prices... based on 2 people... including airfare... standard 550DR room (king /2 double beds, based on single/double occupancy)... turns out it is cheaper to go Thursday through Monday ($1,643) than Thursday through Sunday ($1,829). Yay so stay longer!

Also, I understand if many of you want to be doubling up in rooms to save money. FYI they charge $35/night for each person above double occupancy, with a maximum of 4 guests to that room. Therefore, I would recommend if 4 people decide to split a room- that at least 2 people are 'non-existent'. No guarantees about that though. Check-in 3PM, check out 11AM. Be prepared for fees. I'm sorry but Vegas is just expensive, I have come to realize this. There is 12% tax. There may be a $20 resort fee charged daily.

"Guests’ can also contact our Group Services department at (702) 632-9000 or toll free at 1-877-632-9001 to book a reservation.  Please remind your guests calling in, they must provide the reservation agent with your group code of: (G03HAR).

We look forward to your stay at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino."

I will continue to update this post with more details as they are available. Check back regularly!

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