Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Chapel & Wedding Party

Silver Chapel at Mandalay Bay
Ceremony is at 4:00PM, arrive AT LEAST 15 mins early, the doors will shut promptly at 4:00PM and if you are not there and seated, you will not be let in! Ceremony should be pretty short, and will be followed by about 45 mins of pictures of the wedding party and immediate family. Video of the ceremony will be taken and we get a DVD of it, and it will also be webcasted live for all who cannot attend to watch! (Be aware Las Vegas time is 3 hours earlier than East Coast time. Also, the wedding video should stay up on the site for 30 days to watch in case of technical difficulties or you miss it live.)

Bridal Party:
Maid of Honor: Tara Hubbard
Maid of Honor: Christina Scalzo
Their dress, similar to this in a fucshia color, with bright green flower in hair and green shoes:

Grooms Party:
Best Man: Dillon Gatton
Best Man: Mathew Harris
Groomsmen: Shawn Donovan, Jeff Roberts, A.J. Dobson, Avram Niverba, Dan Mazuc
Their attire, casual suit, with bright green pocket square:

We are hoping all who we've asked to join us in our wedding party can make it out to Las Vegas!

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